Welcome to London Tensegrity

This website is a resource for all London and UK Tensegrity® practitioners, providing information about the activities of the London practice groups. It also contains resources for everyone interested in the practice of Magical Passes and other techniques taught by Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts.

About Tensegrity®

Tensegrity® is the name given to the modern version of the Magical Passes®, the Recapitulation, and other practices linked to the way of being – the path with heart – that don Juan Matus taught his students: Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs.

Carlos Castaneda was an anthropologist seeking to do field work on the use of medicinal plants when he met don Juan Matus at a bus station in Yuma Arizona. Read more…