Blessing and Healing the Lineage – Tensegrity Workshop

Posted by February 3rd, 2015

Many of us carry the perception that the world as we know it began when we were born, that nothing of value existed before our conception, that all of the ‘helping hands’ that make us what we are today are insignificant, and that we are alone.

This can be no further from the truth…For in actuality, we all belong to at least one lineage, if not several: namely our blood lineage linking us to siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or whoever held these positions in our lives, and such non-blood lineages as the country and culture in which we live and the family of animals, plants, and stars to which we belong.

Within our bloodline, long trails of ancestors have carried forward such blessings as determination, vitality, dedication, and wisdom, as well as such ‘tribal wounds’ as judgments, biases, and self-sabotaging habits. Without the latter ever being settled, we are often left to settle these ourselves before realizing our more positive gifts.


Carlos Castaneda said that as living members and descendants of any lineage, it is our responsibility to add to them our very best — to understand past wrongs if we can, to right them, and to carry new insight forward for growth!

This nine-hour event is geared to opening up the often-locked door to our blood lineage, to clearing some of our familial self-sabotaging traits, and then from a meditative-dreaming space, to look to our most ancient of ancestors – those who settled and hunted and tamed our native lands — from whom we will garner such blessings as strength, insight, and the sensation that indeed we are not alone, and in actuality never have been, because they have been there to support us all of our lives.

Magical passes, self-examination exercises, Theater of Infinity® play, and guided meditation will also be part of this event.

Jim Morris, Associate Tensegrity Instructor will guide these events, along with the help of local Tensegrity Facilitators-in-Training.


Dates: Saturday 25th April 9.30am – 9.30pm (inclusive of breaks – meals are not provided)
Sunday 26th April, Optional Trip, meeting at Avebury for a guided tour by Jim
Fee: £95 (non-refundable deposit £40)
Location: Clarence Hall, Camden, London


To reserve your place please email, call 07828 221 630 or use the button below to take you to our online registration page.