Cyclicity 3 – Nurturance – Creating Home for the Energy Body

Posted by March 2nd, 2015

Men and women who lived in Mexico in ancient times, whose expertise was to deal with awareness, believed that human beings are the beholders of a most peculiar dualism…the dualism between the self and something they called the energy body.

They considered the self to be a holistic unit which includes both: body and mind, matter and spirit together; and they defined the energy body as a particular conglomerate of energy fields, belonging to each of us individually, that has the capability of being transformed into a perfect replica of the self, and vice versa…

Taking excellent loving care of our selves – the bodymind and its energy fields – is vital to reconnecting with our energy bodies – that essential part of ourselves that moves in our dreams, and acts as an explorer scout and witness – a link to infinity – in our lives.

The energy body, Carlos Castaneda said, is our first true love, our “soulmate” who calls us to fulfill a longing, to serve a purpose greater than ourselves. The self, in that sense, is the energy body’s vehicle on Earth, in the here and now. Yet, many of us take the “self” for granted, neglecting its nourishment and care and allowing it to be distracted from its natural state of presence, by focusing on regrets about the past, or fears or fantasies about the future, often centered on the false belief that someone else was, is, or will be responsible for our well-being. It is this lost neglected self, who can be found screeching from the open windows onto the empty streets below: “Isn’t there anybody out there who really loves me?????”

The seers of ancient Mexico, living with their energy bodies as radiant witnesses to their daily actions, saw that the self is an extravagant gift, to be treated with appreciation and respect, and to be cultivated and cared for as the marvelous vehicle that it is!

And so they and the seers of their line learned to take consistent and strategic care of their selves. They saw that with conscious movement and breath, the bodymind blooms into a well-coordinated and circulating unit; with fresh, life-enhancing nourishment, it quickens with vitality; with rest and sanctuary it relaxes into ease and grace. With mutually supportive relationships, it expands in trust.

Such care, balances our inner galaxies: our nervous systems – we can move out of the polarity of surviving in either full-on fright, fight, and flight or complete languidness over every concern and come instead to inhabit a place of calm-alertness; all of which makes our spirits bright and our hearts full and courageous, a very real state from which to relate-and create, and a state that which the energy body loves, and moves to join.

Join us in this upcoming series of classes in which we will explore, through a process of renewing breath and movement, silence and self-exploration, how we can redirect or refine our relationship with self, so that it can become a loving, listening, responsive partner with the energy body.

In all of these activities we will aiming to link more deeply with the awareness and cycles of the Earth, our first and most steadfast supporter and teacher of that kind of loving nurturance that helps the complete being-self and energy body-flourish.

This series will be taught by Tensegrity® Facilitators-in-Training


Dates: Wednesdays 11th, 18th, 25th March and 1st April 7pm – 8.30pm
Fee: £50 (whole series, paid in advance) or £15 (drop in class)
Location: Concord Institute, Thane Works, N7 7NU, London


To reserve your place please email or call 07828 221 630.